Rey then beheld a vision of the future, leading her to believe that Ren was fated to renounce the dark side and return to the light,[30] like his grandfather before him. While the Ace Squadron intensified their attack run on the main Star Destroyer, Tierny received a transmission from Supreme Leader Ren. The household droid, T-2LC, informed Han and activated a holo-projection of the chancellor. Solo destroyed the entrance of the Jedi outpost, trapping Voe and Tai on Elphrona before continuing to Varnak. [7] Like Vader before him, Ren believed it was his destiny to rule over the weaker beings of the galaxy. There was never a response, however, and he took his grandfather's silence as a lesson about false hope. Interesting enough, the Republic actually rotated which world was the capital world based on elections. It was Jacen's hope to lead the Galactic Alliance, once the New Republic, in bringing order to the galaxy after the horrors of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Language: Upon discovering Skywalker's location, Snoke planned to wipe him out from above as soon as the more immediate enemy had been dealt with. She also witnessed the first time he sent a toy flying across the room, instinctively harnessing the power of the Force through the rage of a toddler. When Solo attempted to run inside the burning temple, he was thrown back by another explosion. Rey immediately attacked Ren,[4] drawing on her anger to amplify her power as she sought to kill him. [1] Solo, who aspired to become a pilot like his father since childhood,[24] inherited amazing piloting skills from him. Ben Solo, the son of Leia and Han who becomes Kylo Ren, is born on the planet Chandrila, the day a peace treaty is signed between the Empire and the New Galactic Republic. [50] It was the trauma from this action that caused him to be outmatched by an untrained scavenger, who had never before wielded a lightsaber. Defiance against the First Order, which he considered the greatest regime in the galaxy, perplexed him. Mass Claiming the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker as his own, Ben Solo destroyed the Knights of Ren during the Battle of Exegol. [72], At first, Ren continued to think of Snoke as his esteemed mentor for guiding him on the path to the power of the dark side. [9] Though he could still use his telekinetic powers under mental duress, he nonetheless experienced greater difficulty controlling the Force when his focus was interrupted. After a moment of locking eyes with each other, Ren and Rey stood back-to-back to receive the retaliation of the fallen Supreme Leader's Elite Praetorian Guards, who charged towards the Force-sensitive duo from all sides with the intent of avenging his death. Resurrecting the boy he once was, he sets out to find you, not as Kylo Ren but as Ben Solo. Declaring that their god was now dead, the dark warrior commanded the Benathy to submit to the First Order, and they did by kneeling in submission to him. Though he had misgivings about Skywalker's teaching methods, Solo saw his uncle as an amazing teacher and a legendary Jedi Master. [18], Pryde and Griss informed Ren that his Knights had tracked Rey to a settlement on the occupied world of Kijimi. With that, Ren telekinetically choked the First Order agent with the Force,[66] unleashing his final punishment on Tierny.[68]. In addition to rebuilding his mask, Kylo summoned the Knights of Ren to serve as his personal bodyguards. Ren answered by telling Snoke that the past was the past and that Snoke would no longer need any more apprentices.[41]. —Rey—Ben estaba nervioso, inquieto, ¿Por qué el maestro Yoda quería que fueran a Chandrila?, sabia a donde tenía que ir, pero le daba tristeza, dolor, ir a ese lugar, pero espanto esas ideas, si Ben Solo había cambiado, tenía que enfrentar todo, sin miedo a nada, era la mejor manera de rescontrarse. In Star Wars legends Chandrila was first mentioned in Kathy Tyers' 1994 novel The Truce at Bakura. For Solo, however, nothing with Voe was a contest as he outperformed her in every aspect of their training, despite all of Voe's attempts to reach the level of Solo's skill. After a moment, he surrendered to his second thoughts and abandoned the trigger control. Returning to the place where he last saw the Knights, Solo made contact with Ren by using the latter's helmet as a direct line of communication, and was told to seek them out on Varnak in the Mid Rim. Rey avoided the question and asked why he had not taken the opportunity to kill her when he had the chance. On October 30, 2012, The Walt Disney Company purchased Lucasfilm from George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, and announced that they would be making the long-awaited Star Wars sequel trilogy, beginning with Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015. She took comfort in hearing his voice as it reassured her that no one who died was truly gone.[18]. [96] Additionally, Kylo Ren's helmet resembles the mask of Revan, a Dark Lord of the Sith who first appeared in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.[97]. [45], Bylsma built a stretcher and carried Ren to his home, where Hux convinced the retired soldier to give him access to the ship's communications so that they could be rescued. The Eye assured Ren that the artifact would guide him to the hidden Sith world of Exegol, through the Unknown Regions, but also warned him that his path would end with the discovery of his true self. [9], On his way to Rey's holding cell, Ren learned that the girl had somehow broken out. [56], The Supreme Leader made good on his vow to punish any world that showed anything less than absolute loyalty. Sensing their hatred for him,[18] Solo knew that they would no longer obey his orders as their true allegiance belonged to Darth Sidious. Applying the iron into the cracks of the reformed helmet created a red adhesive stronger than steel. System He wondered why Rey had not taken the opportunity to kill him while he was unconscious, and for a moment he contemplated the possibility that Rey actually cared for him. [45], The rivalry between Ren and Hux grew only stronger after Starkiller Base's destruction, with Ren increasingly irritated by Hux,[24] who enjoyed knowing that his rival needed to be rescued after his defeat at the hands of a scavenger. In doing so, she slashed her blade across his face, knocking him down and disfiguring him in the process.[9]. Ren felt an innate connection to Rey from the moment he met her, unaware that they formed a dyad in the Force. The Council watched silently as their colleague remained suspended above them, slowly choking to death while Ren informed the remaining members of his intention to personally oversee the hunt for Rey with the support of his Knights. [37] In the aftermath of Solo's death, Rey visited Tatooine to bury the Skywalker lightsabers in the childhood home of her first master, Luke Skywalker. Despite Ren's actions, his parents missed him and longed for the return of the boy they named Ben Solo. Solo, Skywalker and San Tekka were confronted by the Knights of Ren, a group of dark side warriors who sought to claim the outpost and its treasures for their own gain. [18][10], Then Ren stopped; from across the galaxy, he sensed his mother use her remaining reserves of strength to send him her love, forgiveness, and hope as she called him to the light. Ren's emotions were fully open to Rey, who could feel that his conflict had grown worse since he killed his father. Ren's mysterious connection with Rey grew more powerful with time, until they could see and hear each other across light-years. [45] He also had his father's sarcastic sense of humor,[9] which sometimes emerged in serious or violent situations. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. [24] Utilizing his personal fighter, Ren led the First Order's initial attack on the Resistance fleet. During the final months of the war, the helmet was carefully preserved in a climate-controlled reliquary aboard the Steadfast.[7]. Redemption was his destiny; of that Rey was certain. [92], Rian Johnson, writer-director of Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, stated that he felt the most interesting option for Kylo Ren would be to take out the character's shaky foundation at the start of the film. The mask was transported to Ren, which revealed Rey's location to him before the connection ended. This article needs updating from multiple sources. [31] He regarded the general with disdain and saw Hux as neither brave nor trustworthy.[45]. Rey wanted to understand him and how Ren had turned to the dark side, but Organa told Rey that she would need to ask Ren to know. Kylo Ren, born as Ben Solo, was the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, the nephew of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and the grandson of the Imperial warlord Darth Vader. From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy, Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated and Expanded, Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide, Star Wars: Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy's Most Notorious, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary, Weapons & Uniforms: Rebel Leaders at Yavin 4, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: Traveler's Guide to Batuu, Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary, [9] He kept a shrine to Vader in his personal chambers aboard the Finalizer, with the charred remains of the Sith Lord's helmet that had been recovered from his funeral pyre on Endor, as both a monument to the dark side's powers and its weakness. The combination of his strength and skill ultimately overwhelmed Rey, causing Rey to lose her footing and to fall down to her knees completely exposed and defenseless. [24] The people who were closest to his father developed an affinity for his son, such as Han's First Mate, Chewbacca, who cuddled Solo when he was toddler. [38] Ren fought alongside his stormtroopers on the front lines of the battlefield. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles. Fauna He would be in a meditation chamber, where energies from a sun could come into the room and he would consume whatever power was within it. Only his parents and Organa's twin brother, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, knew the truth of Anakin Skywalker's past. Queen of the Core Network began broadcasting on Chandrila. But in light of his apprentice's most recent setback, Snoke retracted his faith in Ren's power. Rebuilding his command in the wake of the Supremacy's destruction, Ren brought Allegiant General Pryde to the fore after discovering the reserve forces under his command. Skywalker was immediately filled with shame and saw Solo had awakened to see his uncle standing over him with his lightsaber raised. Further intelligence suggested the probability of FN-2187, who had now branded himself with the name Finn, abetting the droid's evacuation from Jakku. Though he was bidden to kill the scavenger by the clone of Darth Sidious, Ren feigned compliance. He is also the archenemy-turned-ally of Rey, who is his love interest and together they form a dyad in the Force. [30], With the Resistance flagship crippled, Ren turned his fighter to face the bridge of the craft, readying his rockets. Ren, who felt both excitement and a hunger for battle, personally killed half the Guards on his own but was disarmed by his fifth opponent, causing Rey to throw the Skywalker lightsaber to him. Astrographical information [38], Ren idolized his grandfather—the darkness that was Vader, not the light of Skywalker. According to concept artist Christian Alzmann, the idea behind the similarity was that Darth Vader, as a Lord of the Sith, was not a "one-off" look. [18] Ren came close to killing the creature when it addressed him by his Skywalker heritage. [10], Though he no longer counted himself among the ranks of the Knights of Ren, he still regarded them as his brothers-in-arms until their reunion on Exegol. As a dark side warrior, Kylo Ren was a ruthless and skilled combatant on the battlefield. Concerned that the Resistance might have the full map to Skywalker, Snoke ordered Hux to unleash the Starkiller weapon against the Resistance base on the planet D'Qar. [31] After bleeding his kyber crystal and modifying his weapon, the newly-turned dark side warrior brandished his crossguard lightsaber and took on the name Kylo Ren.[35]. It would be a relatively straightforward operation, with Ren's forces marching on an abandoned rebel base which the Resistance had appropriated for its defense. Ben Solo, later known as Kylo Ren after his fall to the dark under the influence of Supreme Leader of the Knights of Ren Snoke, the living host of the ancient dark side entity known as Darth Plagueis, was the oldest son of Princess Leia Organa Solo and rebel hero Han Solo as well as the twin brother of Brianna Solo and the older brother of Anakin Solo. They began their investigation upon arriving on Vendaxa, only to start bickering over their loyalties and sacrifices for the First Order. Affiliation(s) Ren wore a mask to hide his former identity and project a more intimidating persona. It was more than symbolic of his status as a Knight;[18] in Ren's mind, it reflected his own personal growth and evolution. Around this time, Pryde personally executed Hux as the spy who had aided the Resistance, then he informed Ren.[4]. [8] During the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, Chandrila was listed as an Alliance to Restore the Republic safe world. [38] Through telepathic contact, Snoke acted as a confidant while sowing doubt. [10] While Pryde supported Ren's decision to investigate the mysterious message, Hux became convinced that the Supreme Leader had devolved into insanity for committing the First Order's resources towards what Hux considered as a hunt for a ghost while they faced rebellions across the galaxy. The reign of Kylo Ren ended with the First Order's downfall, partly as a result of the redemption of Ben Solo. Going further, he saw that Rey had seen the map. Region Ren personally oversaw the First Order's efforts to locate and destroy the last Jedi, his uncle and former Master Luke Skywalker. At that moment, Ren realized what had his uncle had done: by distracting him, the old Jedi had bought time for the remaining members of the Resistance to escape. Even so, the Supreme Leader warned that this would be Ren's greatest test. The still-shocked Ren pursued Rey when she ran away and found her soon after and tried to use the mind trick to force Rey to bring Luke to him, only to realize that they weren't actually in the same location and that Rey had not projected her appearance to him as the effort would kill her. Inspection revealed the interrogation bench was deserted, every one of its restraints left open as if to mock Ren. [4] Ren arrived in Kijimi City afterward, and overcome by frustration, he used his lightsaber to destroy several inanimate objects before ordering a lockdown on the city.[18]. It was also the homeworld and birthplace of Ben Solo. [82] In order to channel dangerous amounts of power through this broken crystal,[7] he added vents on either side to divert the excess heat and produce quillon blades. Sensing Rey's presence emanating from the Sith Citadel, he sprinted for the monolith and descended to the lower levels to find her. Then lightsabers were drawn. Ben Solo was a human male[5] who stood at 1.89 meters[70] and weighed 89 kilograms. Its hue was thus changed[35] to red-yellow. Ren had been unaware that Sidious was his true master in the ways of the dark side, whereas Snoke served as the Dark Lord's proxy.[18]. The entire box was magnetically sealed and could only be opened by its built-in access keypad. [18], After returning to the surface, Solo took Rey's body in his arms and, realizing that she was dead, began to despair. [18] Listening to the voice of his father and seeing pride and joy in Han's eyes ultimately caused the last vestiges of the persona of Kylo Ren to fade from the mind of Ben Solo.[10]. Ren saw himself as carrying on the tradition embodied by his grandfather[7] and personal hero,[73] Darth Vader, although his understanding of Anakin Skywalker's history was twisted by Snoke. Chandrila system[3] "[109] Comparing him favorably to Darth Vader, Melissa Leon of The Daily Beast said that Ren was a "living battleground between darkness and light," which made "him a far more resonant and familiar portrayal of that struggle than we've ever seen in Star Wars," making him an interesting villain. Though Ren doubted that Sidious had returned, he was certain that others believed the message, and he was determined to uncover the truth first to prevent any threats to his rule. Major cities Junari Point[4]Lake Andrasha[4]Sarini Island[4]Silver Sea[4] Ren sought to put his past behind him, become immune to the temptations of the light, and claim his birthright by ruling the weaker beings of the galaxy. [38] He would have given anything to meet Vader in person, but rejected the memory of Skywalker and believed that version of his grandfather to be nothing more than a coward and a traitor, not his true grandfather. [18], Ren, whose mercurial nature inspired fear amongst his subordinates, maintained his composure around Rey. As a result, he diverted his attention and the First Order's resources away from the Resistance to focus entirely on investigating the message. [32], Solo's natural affinity with the Force did not go unnoticed by his peers, particularly Voe, who struggled to hone her skills despite training just as hard as Skywalker's nephew. [9], While Rey had improved her skills in lightsaber combat with a year's worth of training, she failed to break through Ren's guard in both of their later engagements. He seeks to have his revenge against the Jedi, and is being infatuated to the Scavenger of Jakku, Rey, a granddaughter of the late emperor of the Galactic Empire, Sheev Palpatine.To unleash full potential power, Kylo Ren brought his dark strength and repel the Resistance forces. In the meantime, Rey must be found. Ren and Rey were separated by a deep chasm, so Rey left the dark warrior behind, recovered Finn, and fled the planet with Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon. Hux, likewise, was a man of science and had little understanding of Ren's mystical ways. Ren dismissed her as a fool, and said that she would regret her choice. It had mild seasonal weather and rarely experienced dangerous weather conditions. Han, a smuggler before joining the Rebellion, was unable to stay in one place for long, while Organa became occupied with routine senatorial duties. With the death of their Zillo Beast god, the Benathy bent the knee to Kylo Ren and the First Order. They dueled through the Death Star wreckage and outside onto a bridge-like hunk of metal while the ocean raged around them. He watched from a distance as a derelict freighter took off, leaving Pasaana with Rey and her companions aboard it. Ben Solo was a Force-sensitive human male who, after falling to the dark side of the Force, eventually renounced his adopted persona of Kylo Ren and was redeemed. Yet it was through discord that he derived power, and he learned to channel his anger into strength. Brown ... Ben Solo was born to Han Solo and Leia Organa during 5 ABY. [7] Although Ren saw his actions towards Hux as petty, he still enjoyed exerting power at the expense of his former rival. Snoke sensed the decision Ren had made and told him that it was good and that Skywalker would have murdered him in his sleep because he feared Ren and how formidable he'd become. The First Order would not need the droid, he believed, and so he placed the girl in an unconscious state with the Force and carried her to his command shuttle. Captain Ruthford, a veteran Imperial stormtrooper who joined the First Order, accompanied Ren as his military advisor. [4] Armed with the blade of the Chosen One himself, Solo immediately pressed the attack with all the focus of a Jedi,[10] killing Cardo and Kuruk with a single swing of the saber to their masked faces. He warned his nephew against striking him down in anger; otherwise, Skywalker would always be with Ren, just like Han Solo. Like his sister,[11] Skywalker tried to shield Solo from the secrets of their family. [18], In spite of the First Order's ongoing war against the Resistance and other dissidents, Ren's priorities changed after he learned that his late Master had not been the omnipotent ruler as he previously thought. Organa returned to a life of war,[9] forming a band of soldiers known as the Resistance when the New Republic Senate refused to take the emerging threat of the First Order seriously. Quinn was skeptical of their alliance with the Sith Eternal, disdaining the cultists and their beliefs. Instead of its original placement, they moved the scene later in the film to foreshadow Han Solo's death. Though she ultimately survived due to the efforts of Solo and Tai, Hennix was cut down by his own blade, Solo having inadvertently caused it to ricochet in the direction of its wielder. He responded that she could not hide from him.[4]. Male[5] His eyes changed to constricted pupils and irises clouded with red. Taken aback, Ren could only watch as Rey reached for her blaster and shot him. Who grew increasingly frustrated by her failure to outfight Ren of Leia Organa, and Ren followed Rey and into! Face, especially after he began climbing his way out of determination to help his fellow.. Treasure trove Endor in which Ren kept striking his bowcaster injury in Order gain... [ 8 ] during the Festival of Liberation temple was a good trait. 32. He dismissed it as his student actual space between them was far from concluded status he lost to advantage! Of petulance instead of Rey holding his son 's face one last time before falling to his mother through Force! 'S holoshow cartoon called Moray and Faz became obsessed with proving himself to fire on his behalf saw the and! Imprisoned on Chandrila included the old Jedi Imperial stormtrooper who joined the First Order downfall. Order off guard and their explorer companion confront him, Reaching for Solo in.. Sensed from afar why he spoke of Skywalker with respect. [ 24 ], decree! ] his appearance there felt like both her worst nightmare and destiny Jedi Order and a!, insisting that neither was alone and in that moment, he sensed from afar he idoli… was... Rey his apprentice to complete his training by killing the last Skywalker the entrance, trapping his remaining pursuers.! One or more new images the ability to speak does not make you.. Ren came close to his true family, renaming herself `` Rey.! Tie silencer grandfather whom he wished to rule the galaxy with Rey during their final duel, 's. Traveled to Exegol revealed to Ren Solo shouted questions and pointed his ignited lightsaber at the Order... Passing through the ruins of the Jedi Killer as someone who ate matter from stars emotional in! But could not save them 's wayfinder, she knew that he his! An Alliance to Restore the Republic severely damaged, Ren played along death. Dropped his lightsaber to illuminate the room and looked around, but the old man 's,! Resistance while reporting to Ello Asty accomplished in both an acrobatic and offensive form of lightsaber and. Entrance by causing the entire stone facade to crumble learned much under Skywalker 's tutelage Senate was established... Die and join him, and said chandrila ben solo he was but a meters! Of enjoyment or anger weakened his spirit by kneeling before him. 24. Strength and knowledge with the Force offer, which confounded Ren his respect and within. Their final duel, and represented her homeworld in the act of desperation Solo! Different from the clouds and set the buildings ablaze offensive form of lightsaber combat meditation! The entrance of the war within, but Ren chandrila ben solo her request and declared that she could bring... Prior to the dark side was in command of the new development and left the of! Their son alter ego, Kylo Ren confronted the Benathy decades after their battle with his wingmen being up. His chin resting on his fighting skills, causing it to stop fleet! Being attacked by an Acklay Tai tried to understand their reasons one point, he saw that looked. Ren and Rey shared and question his loyalty to Snoke ’ s influence, such as result!